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Work for Us

Welcome to Lancer’s Jobs page, where we share with you, our very latest employment opportunities. Simply review any current ads and if you see a fit with your skillset, click “Apply for this job”. You will then be asked to upload your Resume, which will be express delivered to our HR Manager for review. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Current Opportunities

New: Finance and Administration Manager. Shortlisting Now.

Our new Finance and Administration Manager position reports to the CEO and is accountable for the Accounting and Administration function of Lancer.  You will advise the CEO on all strategic and tactical matters in relation to managing the company’s finances and related functions. This is a hands-on role and will suit a candidate with practical experience across all financial disciplines within a BPO firm.


• Manage expenditures within budget
• Develop and execute financial and tax strategies
• Payroll management and disbursement
• Payment of statutory benefits and monies to employees
• Ensure accuracy and manage BIR and SEC updates and reports
• Monitor financial health of the company
• Manage banking relationships
• Manage Accounts Receivable and Collections
• Manage Accounts Payable
• Manage Legal and Compliance requirements
• Design and distribute accurate reports in a timely manner


Key Competencies
• Min 3 years’ experience in senior Finance role
• Advanced Xero capabilities
• Advanced skills in all Office products, particularly Excel
• Confident and strong communicator
• Positive and resilient character

Inbound Sales Administrator

General Purpose:
To answer incoming calls from customers, to take orders, answer enquiries, manage complaints, troubleshoot problems, make product suggestions and provide requested information.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities
• Answer calls and respond to emails
• Manage customer enquiries, both telephonically and by email
• Research required information using available resources(knowledge base)
• Recommend products or services to a customer who is considering purchase
• Manage and resolve customer complaints
• Provide customers with product and service information
• Enter new customer information into system
• Update existing customer information
• Process orders, forms and applications
• Identify and escalate priority issues
• Route calls to appropriate department
• Follow up customer calls where necessary
• Document all call information according to standard operating procedures
• Complete call logs


Key Competencies
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Listening skills
• Empathize
• Problem analysis and problem solving
• Customer service orientation
• Organizational skills
• Attention to detail
• Judgment
• Adaptability
• Team work
• Stress tolerance
• Resilience


Our main goal is to provide a superior quality customer service, making our clients feel taken care of and delivering a memorable experience.

Tactical Sales Agent

The Tactical Sales Agent is responsible for developing sales pipelines and opportunities in different markets.


The Agent is expected to develop leads, qualify those leads and then book appointments for the campaign or client. The Tactical Sales Agent may also be required to manage the client’s CRM, relationships with existing clients of Lancer’s clients and general housekeeping to support sales activity. Although an Outbound Voice function, the TAC will also be required to gain market data when engaging prospects on the phone.


The TAC will be involved in all aspects of sales development and will be expected to contribute to planning and brainstorming sessions.


Agent’s Tasks;
• Data Enrichment and Clarification
• Lead Qualifying
• Appointment Setting and proper follow-up to see appointment completed
• CRM Housekeeping and Information Management
• Daily and weekly reporting to monitor progress
• Proper usage of VoiP Solutions and any other platform required by client
• Creative script development from starting format
• Sales and Marketing Strategy Development


Some or all of these tasks may be required by the client, depending on the depth of the relationship and the scope of sales work. These will be defined during training.


Competencies Required:

• Positive and Professional Communication

• High level of Customer Service Ethos

• Clear and effective reporting

• Thorough Task Completion

• Attention to Detail