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lancer sales

Propel Forward


About Lancer

Think of Lancer as your new frontline sales and marketing army.
Our brand was inspired by the light cavalrymen in late nineteenth century wars, armed only with a lance, who were engaged by generals to disrupt formations and break through lines of defence.
That’s what we do.
Lancer is a Manila-based, Sales and Marketing Outsourcing (SMO) firm that specialises in customer acquisition, customer service, digital marketing, and administrative support.  Our mission is to find ways to break through inefficient processes and low productivity to expand your business.

Why Outsource Sales & Marketing?

Good question.
The current global marketplace brings greater competition and tighter margins, and puts businesses at greater risk. Investing in offshoring makes you more competitive as you drive your sales and marketing costs down at the same time as accelerating output.
It takes talent to find talent. Enter Lancer, your offshore and on-demand SMO infantry. Our specialised and skilled personnel are matched to your business needs and industry on a pay-as-you-go model with no risk and no HR headaches.
Engage Lancer if you wish to:
 – Accelerate growth
 – Reduce operating costs
 – Become more efficient
 – Scale rapidly
 – Free up local resources
 If you’re after sustainable, long-term growth, then it could be time to outsource to Lancer.

Our Services

We help businesses find and care for their customers.
We do this by providing a remote and tailored sales and marketing solution that incorporates a selection of critical services performed by specialists, and provided as a complete solution to you.
When enlisted, we will build your very own remote sales and marketing brigade, which includes a mix of skillsets that blended together, will accelerate your brand and business growth.
Start with only 1 agent and build your dedicated offshore army.
Our expertise covers the following areas:

Outbound Sales

Account management
Business development
Appointment setting
Lead generation
CRM management

Digital Marketing

Content and copywriting
Social media
Graphic design
Email distribution
Search engine marketing

Inbound Customer Service & Admin

Customer service management
Inbound customer service
Research and monitoring
Virtual assistance

How We Operate

Working with us is easy, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity. Our process has been carefully designed to build, optimise and accelerate your sales – and keep the bar high on quality. That’s something we won’t compromise.
Here’s how we typically mobilise:
1. We take your brief and you tell us about your campaigns and objectives
2. We build you a sales and marketing plan
3. You approve our plan
4. We assemble your team
5. You can interview and approve them
6. You train us on your business, products and services
7. We manage your team and coach for outstanding results
8. Together we keep collaborating and optimising performance over time


We charge our resources out at a competitive hourly rate. Check out our most up-to-date pricing below:
  • Sales resources starting from

  • $10/h
    • Sales Manager / Team Leader $14
    • Inbound / Outbound Voice Agent (CSR / Bus. Dev.) $10
    • Administration Agent $10
    • Virtual Assistant $10
    • PR Agent $10

  • Marketing resources starting from

  • $12/h
    • Digital Marketing Manager  $20
    • Social Media – Content Producer – Copywriter $15
    • Graphic Designer $15
    • Search Engine Marketing Manager $15
    • Email Manager $12

For a proposal tailored to your specific requirements, send us your brief.

Get In Touch

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Office Address

Manila Office
Unit 1702, 88 Corporate Center
141 Valero St. Salcedo Village
Makati City
1210 Philippines
lancer sales